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The start of something new...

Hello anybunnies who still read my journal!

Much has happened lately.. some good, some bad, some just.. *lesigh*...

Click here for my super long explanation of how my pants are now falling off! :DCollapse )


New Journeys

So I've grown bored of being bored. lol

I'm starting to learn how to use the sewing machine that my hunny has. I've only made napkins so far but I'm hoping to get super good at those :D

Then I'll try making other things that are easy.. table runners, maybe curtains. And maybe scarves and stuff too.. I'm not sure what though.

Also my sister and I made cookies. We call them Italian Wedding cookies because that was what the recipe called them, however, it seems they are also known by at least three other names as well :) They are tiny and addictive. We thought we'd make extra because there are  never enough cookies and it was more than my mixer could do easily. In the end it made 156 two bite cookies that are so delicious!

So begins my new journey that doesn't directly relate to my health journey. That is another story altogether, but one that is going to be an interesting journey if nothing else.

Peace and light!

I'm broken

Probably for good.. fibromyalgia and uncontrolled type ll diabetes..I'm on medication and monitoring my blood sugar and trying to be very mindful of my foods and everything, but something down deep feels so broken. I hope I can figure it all out. I know I didn't get this way overnight and it won't be fixed that fast either, but this journey seems like its going to take forever and doesn't seem like there is a safe place anywhere out there.. hopefully I start making sense of all of this soon.. Its driving me completely bonkers lol

Also, the puppy broke but the nice people at the emergency vet are fixing him up right nicely. :)


Busy doing nothing

I have a lot of space in my yard. Not good for much because its oddly shaped but with the right planning could be a great space. Thats why I'm planning on putting plants in pots out there lol

I currently have a variety pack of Kale for my bunny-boo, and two 4" sugar peas that have three plants each I believe. I have other stuff coming back from last year which is nice and a TON of new seeds to try. I'm excited though not really sure how to get started. I know the usual plant seeds yaddayadda but there is a lot else to be done as well.

Also trying to help my sister get some of her stuff cleaned up as well and its going slow, but I've got new gloves and though its not always the best option, we've opted to pull up the roses that were here before they moved in. They have been suffering with a horrible bout of black spot that we've not been able to get rid of, but barely been able to improve, so they've got to just go. We are planting younger, newer, healthier bushes. My sister who loves roses is sad to see the sick ones go but happy to get her new bushes.

I've also discovered a non spicy jalapeno, which I am eager to put to the test later this year in some salsa.

All in all I'm very excited about getting a new garden up and running! I'm even planting flowers this year, including both edible and just decorative sunflowers that are red, and lemon-limey yellow respectively!

Heres to a super good planting year! :)

What are you guys up to? :)

And we grow!

My new baby granddaughter was born on the 31st of January.. 5weeks early. She's doing great though and was able to come home with her mommy on time. Levy is the new favorite for her brother and older sisters and is well loved by all. She's a tiny little angel of a doll and she makes number 8 for me!  Four boys and Four girls ^-^


Just wondering now....

I'm not sure what to do with my journal any more lol

I know I want to keep it, if nothing else for the sake of having this safe space for things, but I am not sure what exactly to do with it.

Ramble like before? Post about how I can't seem to manage making crocheted hats? Talk about the crazy antics of my grandkids or my cats? Maybe talk about Ki and my neice Lily and how they are doing in their Tae Kwon Do journey?

I feel lost but inspired to do something more...

For any of you that manage to notice and read this, have you ever come to that point? If so, what did you do with the feeling/need? :)

*Yes Ms. Shisa, I know I can always take your suggesting! I even considered doing it some years ago and came up with a pen name and everything! :D*

Toodles my lovelies!


Not sure what to do...

Really not sure what to do any more. Life is a bit crazy and its sort of getting to be more than my brain can handle.

Recently found out my mum passed away. We weren't close and there was so much going on when I was growing up that even though I tried, and I know she did in her own way, it just never happened. We were just starting to talk again over the last few years but it was still slow going.

Because of all this hurt and distance I am so confused and lost about my feelings in this matter. I'm crushed and lost but feel strange as well because I feel like I said goodbye to her a long time ago. Either way I am here because she chose to keep me as a teen mom, and for that I am ever grateful. No matter what, she was my mom and did the best she knew how to do. I just wish we'd have had a chance to get to know each other better and that I could have been able to find a way for her to see her great grandchildren.

Other things are just wonky as well. Maybe it's a part of where I am in my life. I guess we'll see as time goes on.


My life... so boring...

My life has been crazy and full of amazing and full of boring at the same time. I don't even know where to start other than to say I think maybe I should try to add back in some of the things that used to make me feel better along with my other stuff so I can totally try to balance out my life.  All I do is go to school and then struggle with being overwhelmed with it until everything else melts away. I miss conversations with friends and posts of pretty men and weirdness.

I have a lot to share I think... lol

Anyway, I miss what was and want to make it part of what is again. And I miss my friends here...

XOXO my lovelies


Oh my lost time...

Its been so long!!

Life got crazy.. it stays crazy.. so much has happened..

Moving back to Oregon was a fun but difficult challenge, though I'm glad we did it. So much has happened to cause me and Ki a lot of stress.

I started going to school, and two grand babies were born in three months of each other. One was 5 weeks early.. my littlest granddaughter. But she's not only doing great, she's already gained enough weight to be 18lbs in the last 19 weeks!! :D She's a precious little dollbaby <3

I'm going to get back here properly to ramble, but I figured while i was here, I'd say hello.. I've missed our talks.. and our moments of silence too :)

Take care my lovelies



The Goblin Encounter

Lily laughed to herself as she glanced in the large chamber and saw the tiny group of goblins. “Hardly even a warm up for the big guy” she thought as she glanced at her large companion. “I’ll sit this one out.”
She leaned against the wall just outside the door and pulled out her small lap harp. She played it more like a lute, but no one seemed to mind all that much. She recalled a fighting tune her brothers had sung and plucked along absentmindedly as she watched the activity around her.
Deidra smiled as she passed and snuck into the room, her small ocelot Asuka creeping along behind her was all but invisible in the shadows. The goblins were going to get it; they just didn’t realize it yet.

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